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™ Wears (t-shirts, totes, mugs and more)


Made of 100% combed cotton (feels extra comfortable to the body).

The (Vintage) sizes run on the small side (keep in mind when ordering).
Shop In Beauty and Peace… ®


In Beauty and Peace in Color


In Beauty and Peace…® in BW

Women's White (fly cuts) Tshirt

Women's White (fly cuts) Tshirt

FF tshirt front

Represent with flair in our ORIGINAL Face Chart (front)


Our Services  (back)

Loose Fit: Small (for the petite FF Beauties) /Medium / Large / Extra Large.

Designed for versatile looks on the sleeve, waist or off the shoulder.

Fits lower on the waist than the (Vintage) white/black t-shirts.


$ 30.00 Medium (White-loose fit)


$ 30.00 Large (White-loose fit)


$ 35.00 X Large (White-loose fit)

Women's White (Vintage) T-shirt

Women's White (Vintage) T-shirt

Single-sided: Fairweather FacesTM (front)

Baby Doll: Medium (feels like a Small) / Large / Extra Large.
Fits lower on the waist than the black t-shirt.


$ 20.00 Medium


$ 20.00 Large


$ 25.00 Extra Large

Women's Black (Vintage) T-shirt

Women's Black (Vintage) T-shirt

Double-sided: Fairweather Faces (front)
In Beauty and Peace... ® (back)

Baby Doll: Medium (feels like a Small) / Large / Extra Large. Fits higher on the waist than the white t-shirt.


$ 25.00 Medium


$ 25.00 Large


$ 25.00 Extra Large

Priority Shipping

Priority Shipping

All shipping by U.S. Postal Service.
Regular Priority Shipping is $5.95.


$ 5.95 USPS Priority


In Beauty and Peace...® Mug

In Beauty and Peace...® Mug

Be inspired everytime you take a sip with our mantra Mug.

arabia w ibandp MUGDr. Arabia Mollette gives a toast to you.

IMG_9898 (Front view)

In Beauty and Peace...®

IMG_9899 (Back view)


$ 20.00 In Beauty and Peace...® Mug


Carry us with you (mantra Tote Bag)

Carry us with you (mantra Tote Bag)

Carry your FAIRWEATHER FACES beauty items anywhere in our mantra (since 1997)-Traveling Beauty Services™️ bag.


image Me holding FF bag•(Front) displays the company’s name and signature Face Chart

FF bag back•(Back) displays our mantra: Traveling Beauty Services (est 1997) and the list of mobile beauty services we offer.

FAIRWEATHER FACES are the pioneers of the mobile beauty industry.

Carry us everywhere...


$ 20.00 Empty TOTE Bag

Be seen in green-Totes

Be seen in green-Totes


You've got to be seen #green...
NEW #totebag
Carry #fairweatherfaces #InBeautyandPeace® everywhere this #spring and #summer seasons
#beauty all purpose #bag


Popping bright celery green -(WIDTH 20 in
HEIGHT 12.99 in
LENGTH 7.99 in)

Great size and color to carry what you need and spread the In Beauty and Peace...® vibe.


$ 15.00 Green Tote Bag


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