Personal Makeup Shopping™ Service

Personal Makeup Shopping™  Service

Don’t let shopping for cosmetics cause you stress!  Instead, let us professionally evaluate your needs, select appropriate products, and ship them directly to you!

Andrea developed and named this unique service in 1997 to alleviate the anxiety, stress, and confusion that tend to increase a client’s heartbeat as soon as the client is about to start shopping for products.

Ask yourself:  Are you bored with your current products?  Tired of wearing the same old colors?  Looking for a change?  Then look no further than our Personal Makeup ShoppingService.  After we do a thorough consultation to evaluate your facial needs, our Personal Makeup Shopping™ Service Pro selects for you the products that best match your requirements, provides a tip sheet for you to follow, and has these shipped to your address.

Fairweather Faces is your source for our original, one-of-a-kind Personal Makeup ShoppingService.

*Fee includes-Service, Service tax and Shipping within the US.

We serve you— In Beauty and Peace… ®

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