Make-up Classes

Make-up Classes – Levels :

Basic – Learn to create an updated, clean makeup application for the office and every day wear.

Intermediate – Learn more about your face and your features and how to create the perfect evening look.

Advanced – This is for clients who have experience, are comfortable with makeup, and want to learn the latest trends in application.

Our classes include: Everyday Faces, Evening Faces, Audition Faces, Women of Color Faces, Foundation / Blending Faces, Eyes Have It, Contour Faces, Television Faces and more…

Choose your desired look from our variety of Face Charts. Get inspired and become confident as we show you how to create the look for yourself.

Our Founder/ Owner -Andrea Fairweather (featured Beauty Expert  at the ESSENCE Festival, New Orleans)

“THE GREATEST- spend an hour with Andrea – get a personal makeup consultation and lesson- the best money I ever spent on makeup!!! I learned so much!!
I highly recommend her and the awesome face charts!!!” – CGA (FFaces Client)



  • (Group) Online Makeup Lesson: MINI SET with Andrea or FFaces Artist

  • (Group) Online Makeup Lesson: PRO SET with Andrea or FFaces Artist

  • (Private) Online Makeup Lesson: MINI SET with Andrea or FFaces Artist

  • (Private) Online Makeup Lesson:PRO SET with Andrea or FFaces Artist

  • Beauty Treats (arrive every other Month=3x per year)

    $15.00 / 6 months
  • Beauty Treats:Get More! (arrive every other Month=6x per year)

    $23.00 / month
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  • Fairweather Faces 5 Min Makeup Lesson (Zoom link)

  • Get ONLINE (private) guidance for 1 session / half hour

  • Need advice (every other month) (Periodic Advice)

    $250.00 / 2 months
  • Online Lesson featuring the Mini Set w/ORIGIONAL Face Chart




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