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OUR PRODUCTS ARE • Paraben Free • Hypo-Allergenic • Non-Comedogenic • Fragrance Free • Not Tested on Animals • Halal Certified • EU Compliant

Sip & Shop (Rapid 🔥) 5/23/20

Sip & Shop (Rapid 🔥) 5/23/20

Sip & Shop

Check out Andrea’s Rapid 🔥 responses while she rocked
Fairweather Faces Orchidee (blush): for all complexions
April WalkerAdrienne BankertShahadi Wright Joseph



Coco Latte

Pink Rocks


• Watch Sip & Shop 1 on Facebook to see Andrea’s detailed demo on how to apply our liquid velvet lipsticks. She used BLOOM🌸







$ 23.00 Coco Latte lipstick


$ 23.00 Orchidee Blush


$ 25.00 Pink Rocks (glitter) lipgloss



Celebity Makeup Artist-Cyn Salgado shows out in BELIZE (liquid velvet lipstick) that feels ohhh so comfy. It’s a matte that does not dry out your lips yet lasts....bam!


$ 25.00 Belize

Create the ‘Original’ Face Chart (It started it all)

Create the ‘Original’ Face Chart (It started it all)

In order to simplify your makeup application you must have the essentials. Period.
No more guessing or wasting your time/ budget.
Just an already well thought out system for you to follow. Oh yeah, it’s been #patented (4) times so we know it works!

•Choose the face chart you want to create on yourself •Follow the Dots (your road map) to create the look
•Match the FAIRWEATHER FACES makeup brushes & cosmetics
Monique Coleman and Lara Spencer both as ORIGINAL


$ 375.00 ORIGINAL Kit-includes PRO Makeup Brushes & all listed items (1 FREE ORIGINAL Face Chart) too

Skinny Brow Pencils

Skinny Brow Pencils

Heavy handed? No problem. 

Not sure how to sculpt your own brows? We got you.

Here you go. Your daily beauty essentials for your makeup kit.—————————————————

-Add BROW FIXX (used on our FFaces Beauties below) to set your brows and keep them looking fresh throughout the day.

                 Shahadi wears TAUPE

Tia wears Medium Brown


$ 25.00 Skinny Brow-Taupe


$ 25.00 Skinny Brow-Medium Brown


$ 23.00 Brow Fixx

Setting Sprays

Setting Sprays

“Ohhh it feels and smells so fresh and clean.”

”What did you use that held my makeup on all night? That Setting Spray is everything!”

”After a lot of eating drinking and dancing.... it still looked great!”

Full Size

Get it for your kit, your Makeup Artist friend's kit, Brides, outdoor / indoor / location shoots, Photoshoots, Red Carpet events,etc.


Not your ordinary setting spray. 

 Two pumps and go!

(New) MINI / Travel Size


$ 35.00 Setting Spray (Full Size)


$ 25.00 (New) Mini / Travel Size 1.63 fl oz

Skin Colour Correctors

Skin Colour Correctors

GREEN (knocks out reddish:Fair skin tones)

BRIGHTENER (does just that for those ruddy under eyes:Medium skin tones)

PEACH (clean up those dark circles, blemishes:Dark skin tones)

Just a swipe will do.

See major differences when used (before) applying the Concealer.


SUBSCRIBERS get the secrets tips on how to wear /mix our products.

Sign up-

Renee wears (Peach) Skin Colour Corrector
Rumcake Liquid Velvet Lipstick


$ 25 00 Green -neutralizes redness or rosacea


$ 25.00 Brightener-for light to medium skin tones


$ 25.00 Peach-corrects dark under eye circles for medium to dark skin tones

Sip & Shop beauty items

Sip & Shop beauty items

__Makeup & Nails ep.3
Andrea wore Pink Boost blush (for Fair-Medium toned complexions) and Bloom liquid velvet lipstick.
Pumped Up
Pink Boost


$ 23.00 Pink Boost blush (Fair-Medium tones)


$ 23.00 Pumped Up blush (Deeper Medium-Deep tones)


$ 25.00 Bloom liquid velvet lipstick


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