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FAIRWEATHER FACES Founder/CEO-Andrea Fairweather will share her knowledge (over 25 years) within the Makeup Industry.

Joined by FAIRWEATHER FACES Team Member (Shaun Thomas Gibson), they will discuss:

•Key Factors to know when entering the TV / FILM Industry •The Differences Between-Fashion/TV/Episodic/Film •Set Etiquette •Set Language •Who’s Who •Do’s & Don’ts •LiveDemo: Makeup Hack that will Work for All (4) Genres

Plus Fairweather Faces Cosmetics

(Kit Essentials) will be available for purchase !

This is your opportunity to receive insider guidance directly from the mobile beauty industry pioneer (Andrea Fairweather) and sought after Celebrity Makeup Artist (Shaun Thomas Gibson) on what you need to know to get in and sustain your spot within our exciting industry!

•Ideal for serious Makeup Artists

Cocktail Sponsor


$ 275.00 (Early Bird) Ticket (until August 5,2019)


$ 350.00 Ticket



                  Unleashed Lipstick 

Lavender is everywhere this Spring season. It is the perfect lavender hue for all complexions.

Add Lav Love -Dark

          Sweetie Pie Lipgloss on top


Listen as Micheala Angela Davis describes this look:

Porsha wears
with HOLLYWOOD (multifunctional):
skin highlighter


$ 20.00 Unleash Lipstick


$ 43.00 Unleash Lipstick / Sweetie Pie Lipgloss


$ 45.00 Unleash Lipstick/ Hollywood highlighter

Snooty Lipstick

Snooty Lipstick


 Use it alone like Erielle

8A0FB9EE-DD48-4C2D-8923-E56FF37D39B7Use it over STARSTRUCK (matte,comfy) lipstick

Snooty with Sweetie Pie lipgloss


$ 43..00 Snooty Lipstick w/Sweetie Pie lipgloss


$ 20.00 Snooty Lipstick


$ 40.00 Snooty Lipstick w/Starstruck Lipstick

Honey Love

Honey Love


Clean, breezy, glam for any occasion.

Rock the HONEY LOVE look (like Tia) with these essentials: 

Full Kit includes-•PRO (blinged) SET •Contour #11 (multifunctional:brows, cut crease, cheekbones and more...) •Yolo blush •Taupe & Brunette Brow Pencils •Brow Fixx •Liberate lipgloss •Setting Spray

(plus (2) COMP Face Charts)

Tia Williams


$ $315.00 Full Kit (HONEY LOVE)

Coral (2019 hue)

Coral (2019 hue)


Coral will be everything as it is the

Pantone Color of the Year.

We were right in tune to the beauty vibes we were receiving when it was time to select your next makeup Must Haves.



  US Movie star Shahadi Wright Joseph

(wears THE BIG O

as her

   blush and eyeshadow)


THE BIG O gives your cheeks hints of shimmer within its’ coral haze while BLOOM comes alive as it pops your lips with a veil of cushiony liquid matte beauty.


Eva wears

Dr Jessica Shepherd wears
and EAUX Lipstick

Linsey Davis wears


$ 23.00 The Big O


$ 23.00 Bloom

Brooklyn & Belize

Brooklyn & Belize

1D311648-98B1-482D-9597-F54207A09144These popping bursts of pink and orange colors, are creamy textured (liquid velvet lipsticks) that look fabulous on any  complexion.

Plus they feel cushiony on the lips without any drying or peeling.


$ 23.00 Belize (pink)


$ 23.00 Brooklyn (orange)



Simplify your routine with the NEW essentials-Waterproof/Blendable EYELINERS

Purple Craze eyeNakeesha wears Mauve (as eyeliner & blended as her eyeshadow)

57498683-D49A-4F74-AAA4-0CB7B4B3F722Linsey Davis wears Black & Dark Chocolate

As  seen on GMA, red carpets and photoshoots, we present

•MAUVE, DARK CHOCOLATE and BLACK (twist pencil) EyelinersB7D3B3DC-C43D-4CBE-A1C0-0D8A0B876842

Andrea relies on the pencils for the speed, color depth and longevity they deliver to create the looks for Good Morning America.

4CF85C30-DC03-4DEF-B3CC-1B760A268C3FMegan wears her smokey blended Black & Dark Chocolate lined eyes.  —————-

Become a SUBSCRIBER and get the jump on the tips you should know to elevate your daily beauty routine.


$ 25.00 Mauve Eye Pencil


$ 25.00 Dark Chocolate Eye Pencil


$ 25.00 Black Eye Pencil

(Eyes) MUST HAVES- Eyeliners & Brow stuff

(Eyes) MUST HAVES- Eyeliners & Brow stuff

All Makeup Kits need these beauty tools to pull off any and all makeup looks. You cannot create a polished eye makeup without them.


  • a tinted gel formula
  • tames brows
  • water resistant
  • (clear) can be used as mascara

Ever wondered... "What was it that she used to set my eyebrows? They are DONE!"

DSC00653This is it. Brow Fixx


Eyeliner Pen (black) ($18) - Andrea's must have Cat Eye creator (ideal for shaky hands)

"Andrea, how do you create my cat eyes so fast?"

DSC00648 Boom there it is... Eyeliner Pen

  • ink jet
  • matte formula
  • thick base- fine point tip (allows you to create full,bold -fine lines)
  • Use with Face Charts- Le' CHIC, HAUTENESS,PERCHED

Or go with the Liquid Liner ($20) •shiny formula imageUse FRESH Face Chart but add this eyeliner for a pop.


$ 20,00 Brow Fixx


$ 20.00 (Liquid Liner: shiny, black)


$ 18.00 (Eyeliner Pen: matte,black)

NEW-Skinny Brow Pencils

NEW-Skinny Brow Pencils

808AFB4D-D30F-4854-B481-A35530727E99Heavy handed? No problem.

Not sure how to sculpt your own brows? We got you.


Here you go. Your daily beauty essentials for your makeup kit.

Andrea uses the SKINNY BROW PENCILS to quickly create the brows of Good Morning America’s beauties, our models and all of our clients—————————————————-Add BROW FIXX to set your brows and keep them looking fresh throughout the day.

Linsey Davis wears
SKINNY BROW -Medium Brown
with THE BIG O Blush


$ 25.00 Skinny Brow-Taupe


$ 25.00 Skinny Brow-Medium Brown


$ 20.00 Brow Fixx

NEW Lipgloss & Eyeshadow

NEW Lipgloss & Eyeshadow


Simplify your routine with the NEW essentials.

As seen on GMA and red carpet events, we present •LIBERATE (metallic) Lipgloss •COCOON (matte) Eyeshadow!

Andrea applied the Eyeshadow as a liner, cut crease and smokey eyes plus a pop of metal on the lips of (Tory) Producer-Good Morning America.

Become a SUBSCRIBER and get the jump on the products that you must have for your daily beauty routine.

Tia Williams wears

Anya Dillard (Founder-The Next Gen Come Up!) wears


$ 23.00 Liberate (metallic) lipgloss


$ 15.00 Cocoon (matte) eyeshadow

Must Have-Setting Spray

Must Have-Setting Spray

“Ohhh it feels and smells so fresh and clean.”

”What did you use that held my makeup on all night? That Setting Spray is everything!”

”After a lot of eating drinking and dancing.... it still looked great!”


Get it for your kit, your Makeup Artist friend's kit, Brides, outdoor / indoor / location shoots.


Not your ordinary setting spray. 

 Two pumps and go!

Sprayed and show ready


$ 35.00 Setting Spray

Liquid Concealor Colour Correctors

Liquid Concealor Colour Correctors

#fairweatherfaces #LiquidConcealorColourCorrectors
Create a cleaner, smoother, fresher looking skin finish with these babies.

Just a swipe will do.


Makes a huge difference in your skin’s appearance.


SUBSCRIBERS get the secrets tips on how to wear /mix our products.

Sign up-


$ 23.00 Green -neutralizes redness or rosacea


$ 23.00 Brightener-for light to medium skin tones


$ 23.00 Peach-corrects dark under eye circles for medium to dark skin tones

Eyebrow Pencils

Eyebrow Pencils


Lynn Forester de RothschildIMG_1735IMG_2023IMG_1806  AF41276C-F38F-43FC-AD11-53F57F1801BF

(1)Lady Rothschild wears: Blond Eyebrow Pencil-(Contour #6)    (2)Sharland wears: Taupe Eyebrow Pencil-(Skintight Lipstick with Get Wet Lipgloss )  (3)Model wears: Brunette Eyebrow Pencil) (4)Eva wears:Taupe Eyebrow Pencil (Her EVA Face Chart) (5)Model wears: Taupe & Brunette Eyebrow Pencils

All are wearing BROW FIXX to set/finish the brow look

imageEyebrow Pencils

Essential to framing your face, the pencil texture will allow you to  create feathered (not drawn on) brows with a flick of your wrist. Convenient brow brush aids to create a professional brow finish.

A Must: Set them with our (water resistant) Brow Fixx for a polished, stay put look.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Benefits of using the Eyebrow Pencil & Brow Fixx: • perfect for those that sweat •ideal for brows that do not last throughout the day


We would be delighted to choose the appropriate color for you.


$ 13.00 Taupe Eyebrow Pencil


$ 13.00 Brunette Eyebrow Pencil


$ 13.00 Blond Eyebrow Pencil

Fetching Lipstick

Fetching Lipstick


This is the time to step out of your comfort  zone.

The vibrancy of FETCHING makes all complexions come alive.

Fetching lipstickNot only did our hi-shine FETCHING lipstick pop their complexions, but both spirits were lifted up immediately upon seeing their naturally glammed FAIRWEATHER FACES.


$ 20.00 Fetching Lipstick

GLITTER Lipglosses

GLITTER Lipglosses


They are gorgeous alone or can be worn on top of your lipsticks. Never too much. They are naturally chic.________________

Glitteratzzi- Must Have for gold lovers



Pink Rocks-Must Have for all pink lovers 

[video width="720" height="720" mp4=""][/video]



Snag them for the younger Fairweather Faces beauties!



Pink Rocks lipgloss
Pink Boost blush

Shahadi rocks
Snooty lipstick


$ 23.00 Glitteratzzi


$ 23.00 Pink Rocks

'The Glow' (Contour/Highlight) MUST HAVES

'The Glow' (Contour/Highlight) MUST HAVES

Meshell Ndegeocello's CD cover-Comfort Woman


Create glowing skin with both VICE & HOLLYWOOD (GMA-makeup:Andrea)

Become a Subscriber and learn the skills to create fresh, glowing skin!-

 Multi-functional powders!

Contour #6 Vice Highlighter  IMG_1635(Contour & Highlighter)

Susan with Maxwell(Contour-face & eyelid)


HERE COMES THE... Face Chart-Meghan @GMA

CHOCOLATE LOVE Face Chart-Jazmine

MAMACITA Face Chart-Sheryl

IMG_1908Jaz as Chocolate Love eyes closedimage9

Fairweather Faces COSMETICS are:

~Paraben Free ~Allergy Tested


~Hypo-Allergenic ~Fragrance Free


Get your Contour / Highlight right...

Create flawless chiseled cheekbones and glowing skin with this duo.

 Pair them with our PRO Chisel Makeup brush (ideal for those comfortable - advanced) or MINI Set Powder brush (beginners) then you will be on point.


IMG_9953Contour #11 as Saana's cut crease


Let us know when you need our expertise to create your look.

Personal Makeup Shopping™ will pull your products together!


$ 44.00 Caucasian Faces®- 'The Glow' Kit:Contour & Highlight


$ 44.00 Women of Color Faces®-'The Glow' Kit:Contour & Highlight


$ 69.00 Contour & Highlight with PRO Chisel Brush

Heartbeat Face Chart

Heartbeat Face Chart

This is the perfect combination of smokey eyes with smoldering red lips.

Make their hearts skip a beat.



(Ideal for Young Adults- Adults with-any eyelid shape; any lip shape

image7Tichina Arnold gives us a glimpse of her lifestyle while wearing our HEARTBEAT Face Chart (applied with PRO blinged Makeup Brush Set), Contour #11, Hollywood, Brunette Eyebrow Pencil, Brow Fixx, Blood Orange Blush, Blackest Black Eyeshadow and Ruby Ruby lipstick all by Fairweather Faces.


Lips- Matte (yet comfortable to wear)

  • packed with the antioxidant vitamin E
  • no shine
  • full coverage
  • long wear

Ruby Ruby matte Lipstick

Ruby Ruby


$ 25.00 Heartbeat / Ruby Ruby Lipstick


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