The deets…
In order to simplify your makeup application you must have the essentials. Period.
No more guessing or wasting your time/ budget.
Just an already well thought out system for you to follow. Oh yeah, it’s been #patented (4) times so we know it works!

•Choose the face chart you want to create on yourself •Follow the Dots (your road map) to create the look
•Match the FAIRWEATHER FACES makeup brushes & cosmetics
Featured #fairweatherfacestravelingbeautykits items (On Andrea’s Mother): ‘ORIGINAL’ PRO kit, Colour Corrector (1) for your skin, Contour #6, Taupe #brows, Brow Fixx, Dominate #eyeshadow, The Big O #blush, Souffle #lipgloss, Naked #lippencil , #settingspray
Monique Coleman as ORIGINAL
Lara Spencer as ORIGINAL
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1ORIGINAL Kit-includes PRO Makeup Brushes & all listed items (1 FREE ORIGINAL Face Chart) too$375.00
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