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Armed with the knowledge that most women can’t afford the luxury of having their own makeup artist everyday but want the flawless look of celebrities, Andrea invented the (patented) Fairweather Faces COLOR-CODED Beauty system.

Her revolutionary line of face charts and makeup brushes are color coded so women can easily match and apply a variety of different looks on the go. From glamorous to natural, Fairweather Faces’  (foolproof) makeup system shows women how, when and where to apply their makeup. By following this easy to use color coding system they know exactly which (travel sized) brushes to use; where to put foundation, blush and eyeshadow; how to properly blend textures and more.

“I can’t do makeup without the DUO brush.”(Celebrity Makeup Artist-Saisha Beecham)Saisha using our DUO brush on celeb

Now you can create Andrea’s celebrity makeup designs for yourself!

Match Face Charts & Makeup Brushes with Cosmetics by using our Traveling Beauty  Kits

All Makeup Brushes are: ®

  • (Patented) Color Coded ®
  • Travel Sized
  • Multi-functional
  • Face Charts ® – (Patented) Choose from a variety of Themed Face Charts; Travel-Sized

Multi-functional Tip: Makeup Brushes 
Can be used with all makeup bases: Water, Powder, Cream, Gel.

Simply tissue off  the hairs in between each makeup base use

We guide your makeup application:

Revolutionary: Color-Coded system
(Learn How, When & Where to use our Makeup Brushes)

Essential: Don’t know what colors to use ?
(The colors are chosen for you – look at the colors on the finished side of the Face Chart and match them to cosmetic products you already own or others you want to try), plus more…

Simplified: Our tools are Travel Sized
(Take the Face Charts and Color-Coded / Multi-functional Makeup Brushes anywhere!

You can now create fresh, natural  to flawlessly glamorous makeup designs= COLOR-CODED BEAUTY

       More info-

Watch our CEO (Andrea) create the ORIGINAL Face Chart look on herself in 5 minutes!-

Watch the Reviews-

Professional Travel Size Makeup Brush Set (Patent #8562352)

Professional Travel Size Makeup Brush Set (Patent #8562352)

One of each of the 4 brushes.    Debuted on Rachael Ray by Lara Spencer
High Quality
Designed for those who are comfortable using brushes to apply makeup and professional level artists
(1 Original®  Face Chart-Patent #8562352 (Included)

It was the very first Face Chart created by Andrea to display the color-coding system.

*If you need extra guidance and want some 'shine', an extra $5 bucks will get you the 'Blinged' (with high quality Swarovski crystals)

PRO SET (includes-above)Blinged PRO Set (3)

"Fairweather Faces Professional Travel Brush Kit is absolutely AMAZING!! I am a self proclaimed make up fanatic but like most women brushes are often at the bottom of the list in terms of must have items in my ever expanding make up kit. Lets face it, an exciting new lipstick color, or newly improved foundation will get my attention and my money faster than a blush brush. After finally getting rid of my old make-up brushes and purchasing my FF Travel Brush Kit, applying make-up has become an entirely new experience!For one, the carefully constructed angles make it much easier to apply make-up.

I have found that I do not spend as much time correcting mistakes. One thing that I find refreshing is the fact that the brushes REALLY can be used interchangeably. Many times when a brand makes that claim, more than likely the brush will work better doing one thing leaving me to end up purchasing another brush. I was skeptical about this before using my FF brushes and for a while I only used my “blush” brush for blush. However, I soon discovered that the FF set works perfectly on all tasks. I can apply powder to my face and blush to my cheeks with an effortless and flawless finish. This transition happens without leaving residue on either brush. I can reapply my mocha colored face powder after using an orange blush with no color cross over. These brushes can pick up and release pigment which saves time and prevents a messy clean up!Lastly, I love the fact that the length and size of the brushes allows me to throw them into my bag and go! They fit perfectly in any clutch bag for quick touch ups on those special nights out! LOVE LOVE LOVE my Fairweather Faces Professional Travel Brush Kit and I am sure every woman will too!" - Alicia Thompson


$ 150 Professional Travel Size Make-up Brush Set


$ 155 PRO Set with Bling

Detail / Deluxe: Duo Brush Travel Size

Detail / Deluxe: Duo Brush Travel Size

Standard eyeshadow/liner brush- use to define or soften your eyeshadow application. Use dry or wet! This brush creates amazing contours, super thin - dense lines, and seamlessly blends any desired look. Also creates beautiful razor sharp lips with the pointy tip / even coverage, and longer lasting lip looks with the fuller tip.

Saisha Beecham (Celebrity Makeup Artist-Nia Long,Janelle Monae, etc)- “…That dual brush (DUO) is a brush I use EVERYTIME I do makeup!!! ..."

"What I love about the DUO Brush is it has so many functions:
1. I am able to line and smoke the eyes with it
2. Try using this brush for a precise lip, one end to apply and the other for sharper/ precise, definition of the lip
3. I love using waterproof cream eyeshadow. When applying this kind of shadow it dries kind of fast so this brush allows you to apply the product quickly and precisely on the lid
4. You can also contour the nose with it
I can't do without this brush." - Elena George- Emmy Award winning Celebrity Makeup Artist (GMA-Robin Roberts)


$ 45 Detail / Deluxe

Fluff Brush Travel Size

Fluff Brush Travel Size

Perfect for quick, full eyeshadow applications. Also can blend cream shadows.  This is your brush to do fabulous smokey eyes.

“I love them; they are a must have…. I discovered the Fluff Brush can also do quick correcting  (skin blemishes & to create a clean look of overall makeup application ) using cream concealors."  - Bradley Stenson-Celebrity Makeup Artist- (Toni Braxton, Glenn Close, Toni Collette, Natasha Richardson)


$ 30 Fluff Brush Travel Size

Chisel Blush Multi-functional Brush:Travel Size

Chisel Blush Multi-functional Brush:Travel Size

Quickly applies foundation and effortlessly buffs out facial marks to provide even looking skin. Also use to apply powder; contour those cheekbones; apply blush / bronzer - An overall blending tool.

“My trusty, speed demon brush.  I create flawless complexions on my Celebrity clients everytime with the Chisel Brush. 

I start by using it to apply moisturizer /primer. Then I tissue off the hairs. The blemishes are blended in seconds when I use this brush to apply the foundation.  I quickly wipe the hairs with a tissue before I go to the next product. I continue to use this brush to apply the bronzer, blush and face powder (loose or pressed).

You know I have to work fast for my clients. The clock is ticking! 
Ohh the Chisel Brush is amazing.” - Andrea Fairweather


$ 25 Chisel Blush Multi-functional Brush:Travel Size

Camouflage Brush: Travel Size

Camouflage Brush: Travel Size

Use to apply concealer/spot treatment, or overall foundation. Great for applying cream, liquid, powder or gel eyeshadow bases. Great cleanup tool for a flawless finish.

"I love these brushes. The concealer brush is the best I have ever used! Working in tv my brushes get a lot of use and these brushes stand up to that use.  They barely shed which is rare. LOVE THEM!!!"  - Joseph Passavanti-Celebrity Makeup Artist- (The Rachael Ray Show)


$ 45 Camouflage Brush: Travel Size

Mini Brush Set (Patent #8562352)

Mini Brush Set (Patent #8562352)

3 Mini Brushes (3 3/4″-4″) – (1 Concealor / 1 Powder / 1 Eyeshadow)

Made from natural/synthetic hairs

* Color-coded with an array of colored-bling! on deep purple wooden handles
* Multi-functional (2-3 different purposes per brush)

1 Original Face Chart-Patent #8562352 (Included)

It was the very first Face Chart created by Andrea to display the color-coding system.

They are the perfect ‘starter’ set to learn the Color-Coding system.

It's amazing I have given one to a teenager and she learned from it, I have also given them to clients that were getting married and wanted to be able to do their makeup on the honeymoon! It's something that you can always go back and refer to!

"I LOVE the Fairweather Faces Mini Brush Set! I use the eyeshadow brush to apply a swipe of shimmery eyeshadow for when I'm going out with my friends. The blush brush is perfect for a dab of color on my cheeks, and I use the concealer brush to apply just the right amount of lipgloss. The fact that the brushes are so small makes it really easy to carry around and do quick touch ups when necessary." - Arielle- Model / Young Adult

“…I love the brushes. I use all three daily. One for my concealor, one for my eyeshadow, and the other for my blush…I prefer them over my MAC brushes to be honest with you…” - Yanique- Model / Fairweather Faces client


$ 29.99 Mini Brush Set


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