‘Do the Twist’ with Michaela Angela Davis

Look amazing for Fall:

“Do The Twist”

(when two or more Fairweather Faces Face Charts are combined to create a fabulous new look)

Michaela looks hot as she wears a combination of:

Magnet NAVY (eyes) Yetta as Navy Face







Face Chart HOT MOCHA (lips) Hot Mocha photo from Judith shoot






SAVE 25% = Get (Both) Face Charts ($8.99)



What’s your Fairweather Faces Face?


Whether you are at home or on the go, these (Patented) Face Charts will guide you step by step as you create the look for yourself.

Take the guess work out of the makeup application process and replace it with confidence as we- guide the usage of each multi-functional makeup brush, coordinate the colors to achieve your looks, specify the color placement and more…

FACE CHARTS complement-

*Looks featured on Fairweather Faces’ Celebrity clients /Celebrities in the media

*Every skintone

*Age range (~suggested age appropriate for Teens)

*Skill level

Go for it and order a bunch!


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