Emmy Award (8/14)



Emmy Cert


Awesome……..God is sooo GOOD * Yaaaasssss !!! Congrats on your much deserved honor * You know what you had to go through….You are a visionary..proud of u Sis * Congratulations and keep up the great work * Congrats! Beautiful ! Praise The LordYou deserve it baby as you work hard! Love you * What an amazing accomplishment. * Ohhh Congrats!!!This is super cool…See, good stuff comes out of the old neighborhood … * Well done Fairweather * Congrats my dear cuz,may God continue Blessing u….luv u. * Yes!!!! Well deserved partner:) * That’s Awesome!! Congratulations Andrea * Fairweathers at work * Congratulations Andrea! Excellence always is recognized, right on time. Yay! * Congratulations sis! God is awesome! 🙂 Won’t He do it! * Now that’s what I call making it to the top…you go girl…as always proud of you. * Congrats!!! Well deserved love!!! * Because you rock girl * You are so blessed! Congratulations! *  I’m so proud of you! God will continue to bless you honey because of your heart and passion! Bravo. * Well you better do it sis!!!! Congrats!!!! * Congratulations!!! God blessed you with an awesome talent and this award is do deserving!!!! You are just AMAZING! * Congratulations Andrea, well done! * CONGRATS BABE!!!! * This is long overdue * Continued favor and blessings! In other words…You go girl! * (Hands Clapping) Yaaaay!!!!! Amen… * Boooooootzzzzzzzz!!! Congrats baby!!! Yeahhhhh…love you.. xox * This is AWESOME!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! * WORK! * Outstanding!!!!! And Well deserved!! Congrats. Thanks for sharing this moment. It’s a very encouraging event showing that hard work, dedication and sacrifices are rewarded!!! * Awesome Andrea Congratulations!!!! 🙂 * God is so awesome, congratulations * I am proud of you  *Congrats Andrea, you are most deserving and you allowed the Master to be your guide, as well as keeping a focus and down to earth vision of moving /shaking a very challenging industry for women to be recognized. Love you, continue to move forward always…..


EVERYONE- your love, support and sweet messages made me smile, hollar and shed a few tears. Thank you so much. I appreciate you all!- Andrea Fairweather

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