The Best and Worst Makeup Products of 2011

The Best and Worst Makeup Products of 2011

By , Guide

(Best) Fairweather Faces Mini Brush Set (Buy Direct) – In the past I have always shared a fabulous brush when I came across one. This past year I was fortunate enough to test the new mini makeup brush line from celebrity makeup artist Andrea Fairweather. These brushes are compact yet pack a punch with your makeup application, all while having a convenient little color-coded jewel on the handle so you know exactly where to use them. There are two bonuses with these brushes as well. One is that you can use them dry, but they also work extremely well wet. And the second is that the super soft hairs do not shed what-so-ever. There are two things I hate about poor quality brushes, and that’s the inability to grab color which leads to spending more time applying and looking in the mirror during the day only to find hairs on my face from my brushes. Well you don’t have to worry about either with these must-have brushes.

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